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Sweet Joe-Pye Weed

Sweet Joe-Pye Weed


Called "Sweet" Joe-Pye Weed due to it's sweet scent, this native perennial is a great source of nectar for native bees as well as Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies.


Stems are sturdy and unbranched, with whorls of pinkish purple foliage.  This is the most shade-tolerant of Joe Pye varieties.


Leave seed-heads on plants after the lifetime of the bloom, the remnants will be used in spring nest building.

  • Soil Requirements

    Moist Soil.  Drought tolerant after esblished.

  • Light Requirements

    Part-shade, but can grow successfully in full sun and full shade.

  • Mature Sizing

    Height 3-6', Width 2-3'

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