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Swamp Rose-mallow

Swamp Rose-mallow


Hibiscus moscheutos is a shrubby perennial native to Richmond VA.  This showy plant boasts large, heart-shaped leaves and five-petaled, white flowers with hints of pink or red. Flowers bloom July-September, later in the season and last over a long period in late summer.  Individual flowers only last 1-2 days, but new flowers bloom daily through the long blooming season.


This shrub attracts Ruby throated hummingbirds as a great source of nectar. Also attracts butterflies and pollinators.  Hosts catepillars of many types of moths as well as patined lady, gray hairstreak and skippers catepillars.

  • Soil Moisture

    Moist to wet preferred.  Established plants can be drought tolerant but may also tolerate shallow standing water.  

  • Light Requirements

    Sun to part shade.

  • Mature Sizing

    Height 3-6', Width 2-4'

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