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Arrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum


Viburnum dentatum is a native perennial shrub to Richmond, VA.  This shrub boasts pale to dark green deciduous leaves with white flowers blooming May to July each year. Flowers are 2-4 inches across and are followed by berries, which are black to purple, 1/3 inch long.


This shrub is of special value to native bees, bumble bees as well as birds and butterflies. Flowers are a source of nectar and berries are a source of food for songbirds and small mammals.

  • Soil Moisture

    Medium to moist soil preferred. This is the most soil adaptable of the viburnums.

  • Light Requirements

    Arrowwood Viburnum does well in sun to part shade, but can also do well in full shade.

  • Mature sizing

    This is many-branched shrub that can reach 6-10 feet in size

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